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DuraPro™ – A Superior Level of Durability

  • Made with the heaviest, highest-quality virgin kraft paper in the

     industry for maximum longevity

    • Highest resin content in the industry

    • Out-performs the competition in tests:

        High tensile strength, psi

        High dry crush strength, psi

          High wet crush strength, psi

Produced using the most curing process

Kuul® pads are the only pads with each individual Sheet cured separately

Cure is consistent and complete

   contact points throughout the pad, providing unequaled stability

Available in custom sizes and flute angles

Specializing in custom flute angles and sizes

Advanced resin technology

Improves strength, longevity, absorption and

Black Diamond edge coating available

Most durable edge coating in the


Kuul® pad service

Orders processed and shipped promptly

Custom orders welcomed

Ongoing product development and research

Kuul Vitality with DuraPro Overview

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