About Us

About Reeves Supply, the EXPERTS in Ag House Cooling, plus more!

Reeves Supply

The EXPERTS in Ag. House Cooling, Plus More!

Who We Are

Reeves Supply was started by Wayne and Hazel Reeves on August 1, 1996 from the basement of their home.

In late 2017, the company was purchased by  L.B. White Company, a leader in leading global manufacturer of  forced air heaters,  brooders,  tube heaters,  handheld gas torches,  convection heaters, and  portable heaters.

What We Do

Reeves supply has grown from its humble beginnings to an industry leader in  evaporative cooling systems.

After joining with L.B. White Company, they have become leaders in the poultry building, swine facility, and  greenhouse cooling  and heating industries.

Why Choose Us

Reeves Supply takes great pride in providing quality greenhouse and  agricultural climate control  products at competitive prices with the best service in the industry.