Inlet/Vent Doors

Reeves Supply Company Inlet/Vent Doors

European Sidewall Inlet/Vent Door
Heavy duty fiberglass shell and lightweight injected foam core with R-9 insulation Value prevents condensation.

Small Galvanized Inlet/Vent Doors
Fold out flap for winch connection. Equipped with door lock latches to keep doors closed.

Large Galvanized Inlet/Vent Door with Side Flaps
Sidewall doors with side deflectors to help direct air toward ceiling.

Inlet/Vent Doors
Part # Description
662-131830 DOOR, VENT, GALV, 7" X 42", W/O FLAPS
662-131831 DOOR, VENT, GALV, 8" X 45", W/FLAPS
662-131832 DOOR, VENT, GALV,12" X 48", W/FLAPS
662-131835 DOOR, VENT, F/GLASS, 8" X 44"
662-131836 DOOR, VENT, F/GLASS, 11" X 44"
662-131837 DOOR, VENT, F/GLASS, 14" X 41"
662-131838 DOOR, VENT, F/GLASS, 18" X 46"